[stunnel-users] No more Win32 stunnel?

John Hall john at jhall.co.uk
Thu Mar 21 19:07:22 CET 2019

Thanks very much. Chrome warned me about it when I went to download it, 
but I was able to override that and install it under Windows 7. So far 
it seems to be working successfully.

In message <1368432619.8860229.1553188879856 at mail.yahoo.com>, Jose Alf. 
<josealf at rocketmail.com> writes
>I have compiled stunnel for Win32 against openssl 1.0.2q. I was also
>successfull in generating the NSIS installer using the stunnel source code
>archive. I had to make some small changes to remove the inclusion of
>MSVCR90.DLL (C++ 2008 Runtime) and account for engine DLL file names
>when compiling with GCC. Works for me on Windows 10. If you want to give it
>a try, you can download the installer from
>Since this was generated just for our internal use, it has no global reputation
>and most likely will trigger warnings from your antivirus. Hope this helps.
>On Thursday, March 21, 2019, 5:55:07 AM GMT-5, John Hall
><john at jhall.co.uk> wrote:
>> Given that there are a number of ports to different OSs by various
>> people, is there any chance that someone might supply a Win32 port for
>f> uture versions? (Sadly I lack the knowledge to do that myself.)

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