[stunnel-users] No more Win32 stunnel?

John Hall john at jhall.co.uk
Thu Mar 21 14:15:56 CET 2019

For whatever reason, I don't think I've received any stunnel 
announcements subsequent to 5.47. I'm still subscribed to the 
announcements mailing list, so I suspect that the Spam Assassin on my 
email account with my email service provider may have started filtering 
them out as spam. I've now disabled Spam Assassin, so will hopefully 
receive all announcements from now on.

In message 
<CAHogYcVqZVVCYaU=yrxrM5cdQDYD-mQZhPVwwEqkQb8aGpOvrg at mail.gmail.com>, 
Flo Rance <trourance at gmail.com> writes
>New features
>   • 32-bit Windows builds replaced with 64-bit builds.
>On Thu, Mar 21, 2019 at 11:55 AM John Hall <john at jhall.co.uk> wrote:
>  I've only just discovered that stunnel is seemingly no longer being
>  updated for Win32; at any rate there has been no version 5.50 released
>  for Win32. It would have been nice if there had been an announcement to
>  that effect, as until now I was only subscribed to the announcements
>  mailing list and had thus been in blissful ignorance. (For some reason I
>  never saw ANY announcement for 5.50 - in fact I still seem to be on
>  5.47.)
>  Given that there are a number of ports to different OSs by various
>  people, is there any chance that someone might supply a Win32 port for
>  future versions? (Sadly I lack the knowledge to do that myself.)

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