[stunnel-users] Reverse DNS lookup in stunnel log possible?

Brian Wilkins bwilkins at gmail.com
Fri Jul 26 20:57:13 CEST 2013

I don't think stunnel does host name lookup from ip. But you can try
messing with your windows hosts file.

On Friday, July 26, 2013, mkanet at yahoo.com wrote:

> I haven't posted on this mail list in a while.  Is there anyone still out
> there?  I hope I'm sending to the correct mail-list.  Is there a better
> place I can ask my question below?
> I'm pretty sure I can't be the first person who wanted to see reverse DNS
> name lookup in the stunnel log.  I tried looking in the settings and
> documentation; but, didn't see anything related to this.
>   ----- Forwarded Message -----
> I currently have stunnel strip SSL from incoming https connections; which
> then passes the connections to a proxy before ultimately reaching my web
> server.  So, the only easy way to see where incoming connections are coming
> from are in the stunnel log.
> Below, is a small example of what my stunnel log looks like (no, those
> arent the real IPs [image: *:) happy]).  The information below would be
> much more useful to me if it included the DNS names in addition to their
> numeric IP.
> I currently have the latest Windows version of stunnel installed.  It
> would be great to know how to get it to resolve DNS names as well in the
> log file; preferably without impeding general stunnel performance.  I tried
> several debug levels; but none them did reverse DNS lookup.  Hopefully
> someone know how to do this on a Windows stunnel setup.
> 2013.07.23 10:16:00 LOG5[10152:15136]: Service [stunnel-sslh] connected
> remote server from
> 2013.07.23 10:16:00 LOG3[10152:15136]: SSL_read: Connection reset by peer
> 2013.07.23 10:16:00 LOG5[10152:15136]: Connection reset: 272 byte(s) sent
> to SSL, 96 byte(s) sent to socket
> 2013.07.23 10:17:53 LOG5[10152:4000]: Service [stunnel-sslh] accepted
> connection from
> 2013.07.23 10:17:53 LOG5[10152:4000]: connect_blocking: connected
> 2013.07.23 10:17:53 LOG5[10152:4000]: Service [stunnel-sslh] connected
> remote server from
> 2013.07.23 10:17:53 LOG5[10152:13212]: Service [stunnel-sslh] accepted
> connection from
> 2013.07.23 10:17:53 LOG5[10152:3348]: Service [stunnel-sslh] accepted
> connection from
> 2013.07.23 10:17:53 LOG5[10152:2884]: Service [stunnel-sslh] accepted
> connection from
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