[stunnel-users] Fw: Reverse DNS lookup in stunnel log possible?

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Fri Jul 26 20:16:22 CEST 2013

I haven't posted on this mail list in a while.  Is there anyone still out there?  I hope I'm sending to the correct mail-list.  Is there a better place I can ask my question below?

I'm pretty sure I can't be the first person who wanted to see reverse DNS name lookup in the stunnel log.  I tried looking in the settings and documentation; but, didn't see anything related to this.

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I currently have stunnel strip SSL from incoming https connections; which then passes the connections to a proxy before ultimately reaching my web server.  So, the only easy way to see where incoming connections are coming from are in the stunnel log.

Below, is a small example of what my stunnel log looks like (no, those arent the real IPs ).  The information below would be much more useful to me if it included the DNS names in addition to their numeric IP.

I currently have the latest Windows version of stunnel installed.  It would be great to know how to get it to resolve DNS names as well in the log file; preferably without impeding general stunnel performance.  I tried several debug levels; but none them did reverse DNS lookup.  Hopefully someone know how to do this on a Windows stunnel setup.

2013.07.23 10:16:00 LOG5[10152:15136]: Service [stunnel-sslh] connected remote server from
2013.07.23 10:16:00 LOG3[10152:15136]: SSL_read: Connection reset by peer (WSAECONNRESET) (10054)
2013.07.23 10:16:00 LOG5[10152:15136]: Connection reset: 272 byte(s) sent to SSL, 96 byte(s) sent to socket
2013.07.23 10:17:53 LOG5[10152:4000]: Service [stunnel-sslh] accepted connection from
2013.07.23 10:17:53 LOG5[10152:4000]: connect_blocking: connected
2013.07.23 10:17:53 LOG5[10152:4000]: Service [stunnel-sslh] connected remote server from
2013.07.23 10:17:53 LOG5[10152:13212]: Service [stunnel-sslh] accepted connection from
2013.07.23 10:17:53 LOG5[10152:3348]: Service [stunnel-sslh] accepted connection from
2013.07.23 10:17:53 LOG5[10152:2884]: Service [stunnel-sslh] accepted connection from
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