[stunnel-users] s_poll_wait timeout: connection reset

manoj kumar vtmanojkumar at yahoo.co.in
Wed Jan 19 02:46:19 CET 2011

Thanks for your reply. I will put forth the upgrade suggestion.

Can you answer the below questions please.

1) what does s_poll_wait timeout mean..

2) Is this error points to connection between ( client & stunnel ) or ( stunnel 
& inetd ) 

3) Was stunnel reseting connections b'se of timeout or mere reporting ( logging 
) the lost connectivity. 
Thanks in advance.

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Subject: Re: [stunnel-users] s_poll_wait timeout: connection reset

manoj kumar wrote:
> No, We are getting the connection reset, even when clients are active
> entering the orders. Moreover Problem some times reoccurs within 3-4
> hours.

You're right.  That's not it.

I forgot to recommend an upgrade of your stunnel to the latest version
(4.34).  I think one of the bugs I fixed in this version may cause your

Another check could be to try select() instead of poll():
1. Edit src/Makefile and remove any "-DHAVE_POLL_H=1" or
2. Rebuild stunnel with "make clean && make && make install"
3. Check if "stunnel -version" reports "SELECT" instead of "POLL".

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