[stunnel-users] s_poll_wait timeout: connection reset

Michal Trojnara Michal.Trojnara at mirt.net
Wed Jan 19 12:02:21 CET 2011

manoj kumar wrote:

> 1) what does s_poll_wait timeout mean..

It means that a time limit was exceeded while waiting for a set of  
events (e.g. new data available) on a set of sockets.

> 2) Is this error points to connection between ( client & stunnel )  
> or ( stunnel & inetd )

Both, i.e. there was no data transfer on either socket.

BTW: I would use "exec" + "execargs" instead of "connect" and inetd.

> 3) Was stunnel reseting connections b'se of timeout or mere  
> reporting ( logging ) the lost connectivity.

It's stunnel reporting timeout and resetting connections.

BTW: You are right.  I will redesign timeout messages to be more  

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