[stunnel-users] Windows binary kits on 64 bit 2003 server or 2008 server

Rich Jordan Jordan at ccs4vms.com
Wed Dec 24 20:17:33 CET 2008

Sorry to sully the list with wintel questions, but I haven't been able
to locate an answer, and without systems available to test the obvious
method of finding out is not available.

We're running Stunnel V4.26 on a windows 2003 32-bit server,
communicating with several better platforms running Stunnel V4.20 and
newer, no issues.  One interested customer is running windows 2003
server, 64-bit, and plans on moving to win2008 server 64 bit in the not
too distant future.  I do not have access to either OS/system and
they're reluctant to install without knowing ahead of time what might

I'm hoping someone has tried the current STunnel binary kit on either or
both of those systems.  Will the kit run on 64-bit windows 2003, and is
it usable on windows 2008?  If not is this a situation where a build
from source on either/both of those windows systems will produce working

I've also found a number of hits for reputed OpenSSL ports for 64 bit
windows.  Any particular ones known to be good?

Thanks for any info.


Illuc ivi, illud feci

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