[stunnel-users] Wrapping a CherryPy server?

Lucas Burdick lucas at progressive-sealing.com
Fri Dec 19 20:28:18 CET 2008

Hmm, I guess I didn't send my previous followup to the list.  After setting the log to output properly, I was able to troubleshoot my problem.  The chroot directory was non-existent and therefore didn't allow my .pid to be created.  I have created the directory and everything now works as it should.

Thanks for the help. Sorry for the trouble.


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On Friday 19 December 2008, Lucas Burdick wrote:
> Hi There,


> I?m trying to encrypt a cherrypy web page that I?m serving up.  The page
> itself works just fine on port 80, but I can?t seem to get stunnel to wrap
> it.  I?m using 4.26 on CentOS 5.2.  I?ve put in my stunnel.conf:

> I?ve also tried commenting out the above mentioned .conf entry. I get the
> error that inetd mode needs a remote host or executable.  I?m trying to run
> in daemon mode but I don?t think I?m doing it right.
> Please help, or ask me questions, or tell me to elaborate or something.

can you call stunnel using the forground option and check the logfile?

start stunnel like this ...
$ stunnel -D debug -f -o /var/log/stunnel.log ........


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