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Alex Turner Alex.Turner at Project-Network.com
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I am sure that *one* emphasis would also be enough.

Further to your remark "don't know how jmeter works!" does it not make sense to ask the people on the jmeter list as well stunnel - as they do know how it works!

My setup is thus:

[JMeter/XP]-> network -> [Stunnel->loopback->TAG.net]

Now - I know that TAG.net will respond correctly to an HTTP 1.1 keep-alive.  I know this because I wrote it and can monitor its socket activity.  I have also instructed JMeter to use keep-alive; I know that in http mode it also uses keep-alive correctly - because I have monitored it with TAG.net.  

Never the less, the socket connection is being dropped from Stunnel to TAG.net after each separate http request.  This results in a FD_CLOSE being received from the windows kernel to the socket in TAG.net which then causes TAG.net to disconnect the socket.  To put this another way, the TCP connection is being closed by Stunnel via Stunnel stimulating the generation of a FIN packed on the loopback addaptor.

Now - my question which is relevant to both JMeter and Stunnel is thus:

Why is the socket being dropped - is it because JMeter is dropping the socket or is it because stunnel is dropping the socket.  Further, if it is Stunnel, why is it dropping the socket, and equally for JMeter, why.

Whilst I would be completely possible for me to work this out by going through the source code of JMeter and Stunnel, I thought it might save some considerable time if someone had previously encountered such a situation and could thus point me in the correct direction.



PS - the url for nerds-central is, as always, at the bottom of my email.
PPS - for further information on TAG.net see www.deployview.com

Alexander J Turner Ph.D.

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I think that *one* list is enough, I will answer in the future *only* to
stunnel list!

On Don 28.09.2006 19:30, Alex Turner wrote:
>I am load testing stunnel as a front end to a web server. The problem I
>have is that the connection is dropping even though JMeter is set to
>keep-alive on the http sampler.  I was wondering if anyone knew if this
>was a JMeter issue ? IE it does not do http1.1 properly with SSL or
>should I dig deeper?

Which web server?
If you use apache then look into the httpd.conf or ssl.conf for some
'SetEnvIf User-Agent' entries.

>PS ? I am working on XP both ends with JMeter 2.2 and the latest

What do you mean with 'both ends'?!
I don't know how jmeter works!

>PPS ? Naturally, once I have this figured I will post the method and results to nerds-central

Please share the url.



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