[stunnel-users] SSL and keep alive

Alexander Lazic al-stunnel at none.at
Fri Sep 29 07:25:20 CEST 2006

On Don 28.09.2006 21:59, Alex Turner wrote:
>Further to your remark "don't know how jmeter works!" does it not make
>sense to ask the people on the jmeter list as well stunnel - as they do
>know how it works!

Well then you need to switch to the jmeter list I think.

>My setup is thus:
>[JMeter/XP]-> network -> [Stunnel->loopback->TAG.net]
>Now - I know that TAG.net will respond correctly to an HTTP 1.1
>keep-alive.  I know this because I wrote it and can monitor its socket
>activity.  I have also instructed JMeter to use keep-alive; I know that
>in http mode it also uses keep-alive correctly - because I have
>monitored it with TAG.net.  
>Never the less, the socket connection is being dropped from Stunnel to
>TAG.net after each separate http request.  This results in a FD_CLOSE
>being received from the windows kernel to the socket in TAG.net which
>then causes TAG.net to disconnect the socket.  To put this another way,
>the TCP connection is being closed by Stunnel via Stunnel stimulating
>the generation of a FIN packed on the loopback addaptor.

As you have written TAG.net have you dumped out the request and response

What errors/warning do you get when you run stunnel in debug mode?!

>Now - my question which is relevant to both JMeter and Stunnel is thus:
>Why is the socket being dropped - is it because JMeter is dropping the
>socket or is it because stunnel is dropping the socket.  Further, if it
>is Stunnel, why is it dropping the socket, and equally for JMeter, why.

Have you looked with some tcpdumps what's going on on the tcp level
between jmeter and stunnel?!



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