[stunnel-users] SSL and keep alive

Alexander Lazic al-stunnel at none.at
Thu Sep 28 21:20:50 CEST 2006


I think that *one* list is enough, I will answer in the future *only* to
stunnel list!

On Don 28.09.2006 19:30, Alex Turner wrote:
>I am load testing stunnel as a front end to a web server. The problem I
>have is that the connection is dropping even though JMeter is set to
>keep-alive on the http sampler.  I was wondering if anyone knew if this
>was a JMeter issue ? IE it does not do http1.1 properly with SSL or
>should I dig deeper?

Which web server?
If you use apache then look into the httpd.conf or ssl.conf for some
'SetEnvIf User-Agent' entries.

>PS ? I am working on XP both ends with JMeter 2.2 and the latest

What do you mean with 'both ends'?!
I don't know how jmeter works!

>PPS ? Naturally, once I have this figured I will post the method and results to nerds-central

Please share the url.



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