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Alex Turner Alex.Turner at Project-Network.com
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I am load testing stunnel as a front end to a web server.   The problem I have is that the connection is dropping even though JMeter is set to keep-alive on the http sampler.  I was wondering if anyone knew if this was a JMeter issue – IE it does not do http1.1 properly with SSL or should I dig deeper?  


The stunnel log just shows the socket being closed down at the end of each request.  Now – as stunnel should not care what data is going over ssl, then there must be something from JMeter that is triggering it to drop the socket.  My thinking is that this is either an SSL session end or an actual FIN.


In the absence of any feedback – I think I will try using stunnel in both client and server modes and, as I already know JMeter is OK at keep-alive non https – I should thus find out where the issue lays.


Thanks for any info




PS – I am working on XP both ends with JMeter 2.2 and the latest stunnel.


PPS – Naturally, once I have this figured I will post the method and results to nerds-central


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