[stunnel-users] Stunnel 5.45 and 5.46 crashes upon reconnect HTTPS

Javier jamilist.stn at gmx.es
Thu Jun 21 19:03:44 CEST 2018


isn't annoying when you are using an old version, 5.44, and all goes
fine, you notice you are outdated and then comes the problems after
update? :-P

The thing is that yesterday I needed the HTTPS server so I run
Stunnel 5.44 for my non-SSL app and all was fine. I updated to 5.46
just because I forgot the last time and didn't even run again because
I didn't need it.

Today I used it and... I had a crash. I tested 5.45 to trace versions
back, and it crashes as well. Back to 5.44 and no crash.

The crash happens when there is a reload/reconnect/multiconnect
(example, 2 connections html+images) by the browser when connects to
an HTTPS server.

It only happens when using a SNI service.

I've been able to trace back the log on those versions and when fails
in 5.45 and 5.46 is at the time when it needs to switch to the SNI

(log from 5.44)
SNI: requested servername: xxx
SNI: matched pattern: xxx
SNI: switched to service [xxx]  <<<<----- BEFORE SWITCH, IT CRASHES on 5.45 and 5.46

Imagine you load https://xxx/.

The first time is fine, the second, crashes stunnel. Not happening
with 5.44.

I haven't seen any change to SNI in manual so... :-?

These are the configs for the used virtual servers. Nothing has been
changed, anyway:

client = no

accept = y.y.y.1:4747
connect = y.y.y.2:443

client = no
sni = SSL:xxx

connect = y.y.y.2:443

cert = pem
key = pem

Don't mind the port numbers. They aren't in conflict.

Running on Windows 2000.


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