[stunnel-users] Loss of ability to use Stunnel-Blat, and a solution

Roger Bohl rhbohl at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 19:55:11 CEST 2018

 Early in 2018, around the time when I upgraded my system to Windows 10,
the Stunnel and Blat files that had worked fine with my Vista PC would not
work with the new PC.  However, the "bug" turned out to be unrelated to the
change in operating systems, but rather an "upgrade" to Gmail:
Coincidentally, about that time, Gmail evidently decided to stop accepting
e-mails from apps deemed "a less secure app", including Stunnel-Blat, with
Blat then displaying messages:

*** Warning ***  The SMTP server did not accept Auth PLAIN value.
*** Warning ***  Are your login userid and password correct?
*** Warning ***  The SMTP server did not accept Auth LOGIN PASSWD value.

Only a failure message sent to my "backup e-mail address" led me to explore
this as a possible cause for what I had thought was, but turned out not to
be, a Stunnel-Blat problem.  Gmail has an option to suppress this
heightened security feature, and when I activated this option, my
Stunnel-Blat tools immediately began to function as intended.

While I was at first able to enable Gmail to "Allow access from "less
secure accounts," I have been unable to get through Gmail options
consistently to turn this on and off and share this info with others.  (I
would welcome instructions that work consistently.)

I would also welcome guidance on how to include Stunnel-Blat as a specific
alllowed app, without having to enable Gmail to enable *all* "less secure

Roger Bohl
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