[stunnel-users] Fwd: Stunnel log file format

Jesús Alfredo Cambera alfredocambera at gmail.com
Tue Jan 12 15:58:15 CET 2016

Hi everybody,

I'm pretty new on stunnel and I'm still learning a lot through the
documentation. One of the tasks that i need to accomplish is to consolidate
all the log information using logstash and ELK. So far I had managed to
figure out most of the log file format. Here is an example of my log file

2013.01.11 11:26:35 LOG5[13520:140223486400256]: stunnel3 accepted
connection from
2013.01.11 11:26:35 LOG6[13520:140223486400256]: connect_blocking:
2013.01.11 11:26:35 LOG5[13520:140223486498560]: connect_blocking:

The first two fields are date and hour but I don't understand what do the
next field means (LOG5, LOG6). Next is the pid, but I don't know anything
about the next field. The last one is the error explanation.

Is there documentation about log file format? I'd really appreciate your

Greetings from Venezuela,

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