[stunnel-users] Help: sTunnel http to Apache https?

Hathor27 stunnel at horn-data.ch
Sun Jan 3 00:16:42 CET 2016

Dear List Members,


I searched, tried and recovered for several days and found no solution that


My topic is to establish an ssh remote session through a http-proxy (http
connect). In case of port restrictions I can only use pure https (443).

So I try to wrap my http-proxy request into http over ssl (https) and
receive it on an Apache https server.


I can establish a connection between sTunnel Client (Win7 Prof) and sTunnel
Server (Synology, Linux), both on 443  -  that works fine. 

But if I try to connect from sTunnel Client (443) to Apache Server https,
they seem to speek not the same protocol. 


.are there any examples for that?  -  or are sTunnel and Apache two
different things of SSL?


I would be very glad to get some help here :)


Best Regards


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