[stunnel-users] Do Not Make Stunnel on El Capitan

WATANABE Takeo take at kasaneiro.jp
Sat Jan 2 15:11:22 CET 2016

Dear all.

Hi. My name is WATANABE, Takeo in Japan.
There is a thing that is very troubled,
it will post to this ML.

It is in OS X El Capitan(10.11.x),
it is stunnel of make it is that does not pass.
The rootkill mechanism I think is causing,
but tried again to disable this,
even doing several times, not as make is.

Even latest Stunnel, make will fail.

Where everyone is, what you can well Build.

If you have person there know what measures
and successes such as a, please tell me.
Warm Regards.

Sincerely yours.

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