[stunnel-users] syslog communication using TLS with the help of stunnel

Girish Kumar girish.kumar at al-enterprise.com
Tue Nov 24 12:21:43 CET 2015

Dear All,

Currently we are using syslog communication without any security. That is using  UDP protocol  with the server listening on port  number 514. This is unsecure.
I want to use syslog over TLS that is  over TCP .

As of now in my project syslogd daemon is used. I am planning to use stunnel to achieve this.

I have few questions. Please clarify

*         To support stunnel, syslogd should be on TCP and  not on UDP?

*         Is stunnel is a daemon ?

*         My understanding is syslogd forwards messages to the stunnel local portal at port 61514.

The local stunnel forwards data via the network to port 60514 to its remote peer.

*         I assume stunnel-5.26(stunnel-5.26.tar.gz) is the latest version and this can be used on linux

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