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Stephen Hogan shogan at mila.ie
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Hi Duane,

I have had Stunnel run since May 2013 in a 3-server Hyper-V environment and on the Hyper-V host without issue.

It's used for our ERP system that is non-TLS enabled to communicate with Office 365 without issue, as well as legacy printer and scanner hardware.

No issue running it in Hyper-V


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We are currently using Stunnel on a stand-alone PC to link a 3rd party application that monitors a Graphical User Interface application for alarm notification. Stunnel is used to link this 3rd party alarm notification software to be able to send message to Amazon Web Services for email distribution to the users/operators that need this information.

IT would like to investigate having all applications operate from a server possibly running 2012 OS, in a virtual environment. The GUI and 3rd party software will operate in this environment and I wanted to see if Stunnel would have any issues continuing to send messages out to Amazon.

Thank you,

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