[stunnel-users] Compilation issues - AIX 6.1 XLC and GXLC

Rob Lockhart rlockhar at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 02:35:57 CET 2015

On AIX 6.1 using IBM's XLC compiler, I do "configure" and that successfully
completes. However, when I "make", it fails due to the parameters
"-fstack-protector" and "-fPIE"... apparently it couldn't find the files
"stack-protector" and "PIE" as "-f" specifies a file. However, gcc and
perhaps many other cc variants, "-f" specifies a compile option. I was able
to compile with XLC by ripping out the "stack-protector" and "PIE" sections
of "configure" and running "make" but it would be best to use the stack
protector mechanisms used for AIX's XLC:


Has anyone compiled Stunnel 5.26 using IBM's XLC without removing the
stack-protector and PIE sections in the configure file?

The other option is to use gxlc instead of xlc to map the GNU C compiler
options to XLC options. Would that be preferred (less modification of
configure file)? I was able to get that working, but still an unusually
high number of warnings.

The article above (from IBM) has "-qstackprotect=size=N" - what suggestion
parameter to use for "N"?

To be nice to everyone's mailbox, I have posted the logs here:
Stunnel 5.26 AIX XLC - fails

Stunnel 5.26 AIX GXLC - passes

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