[stunnel-users] Reverse DNS lookup in stunnel log possible?

Michael D. Setzer II mikes at kuentos.guam.net
Sat Jul 27 00:34:32 CEST 2013

On 26 Jul 2013 at 14:47, mkanet at yahoo.com wrote:

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> Thanks, I guess I could do the equivalent with a batch file; but, was
> really hoping for buitin support for this in stunnel.  It would be
> nice to see in the upcoming 5.00 release as an option.
> -----------------

You could also just copy the stunnel.log file to a linux system to 
do the processing, or perhaps use windows unix/linux commands.

Modified version that now will actually add the name to each line
Added filtering out 127.0.0 and 192.168 changes and now creates 
the file stunnelx.org that will have all the additions. Does end up 
with the :port afterwards, but that is minor.

First line does wrap.
grep -Eo '([0-9]{1,3}\.){3}[0-9]{1,3}' /var/log/stunnel.log | sort | uniq 
| grep -v 127.0.0 | grep -v 192.168. >stout

echo -n "" >stout2
echo -n "" >stout2x
for a in `cat stout` ; do 
  echo -n $a " ">>stout2; 
  echo -n "s/"$a"/"$a" " >>stout2x;
  host $a | awk '{print $5}' >>stout2; 
  host $a | awk '{print $5"/g"}' >>stout2x; 
sed -f stout2x /var/log/stunnel.log >stunnelx.log

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