[stunnel-users] is verify level 4 working?

Thomas Eifert kxkvi at lavabit.com
Thu Jul 11 22:57:11 CEST 2013


I use verify = 4 with seven different servers, but it only misbehaves 
with one of them.  There must be some aspect of the certificate that 
either OpenSSL or Stunnel is having an issue with.



On 7/11/2013 2:00 AM, dansmith wrote:
> Thank you for clarifying.
> I generated a new self-signed certificate and verify=4 works.
> However, when I generate a non-self-signed certificate signed by a third
> party CA, "verify=4" gives me the same error as in my initial post. It
> still expects to find CA's certificate together with the server's
> certificate in CAfile.
>   The description in manpage is:*
> level 4* Ignore CA chain and only verify peer certificate.
> Apparently the description is inaccurate.
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