[stunnel-users] stunnel port question

Stewart Anderson Stewart.Anderson at bthft.nhs.uk
Wed Feb 13 15:27:00 CET 2013

Hi all,  ty in advance for any help.

I have a service  that   I can connect to  a destination over stunnel,  but I   am  not able to get the  ack I expect.

Internal sending  service =>  stunnel       =>  external  listening service

I think the problem may be that the  firewall is blocking  inbound traffic.

I need to specify a  specific port for the firewall team to open   so that traffic can get back to my  stunnel service,  since every time  stunnel starts  it will be making a connection from  a different port on the external facing side of the SSL  encapsulation  service/pipe/whatever you want to call it!!

What would be the best  way to configure  stunnel for that scenario.  I can see  the INETD  mode but that does not seem to  be what I  am looking for,  I can also see the transparent option but  not sure what that really does.

Any advice appreciated.



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