[stunnel-users] Reload configuration file in Windows service

David O'Riva doriva at rocketlife.com
Tue Dec 17 22:53:22 CET 2013


Is there a command line method for instructing stunnel to reload its 
configuration file when running as a Windows service?  I'm trying to use 
stunnel to replace MySQL's abysmal SSL support on a box that has no GUI 
interface at all (it will never be logged into interactively).  I've 
poked through the source, and on Windows it looks like the only way to 
pass signals to it is through a private pipe that is created by and for 
the stunnel process.

Also, does anyone know offhand if existing connections are left 
unmolested when a configuration reload happens?  For production use, I 
really need to be able to update certs and add and remove components 
(stunnel services, I guess) without disturbing connections that are in 


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