[stunnel-users] stunnel and Pegasus Mail

sawbona at flashmail.com sawbona at flashmail.com
Mon Dec 16 04:12:17 CET 2013


Thanks to all for your input.
Much appreciated. 

On 15 Dec 2013 at 11:03, you wrote:

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Subject:        	Re: [stunnel-users] stunnel and Pegasus Mail

> Just an added note. You need to restart the stunnel ...
Yes. I was aware of that.

> ... load it as part of the startup process. 
I have installed it to run as a service so that's what it does.

> I would assume you are using windows ...
Yes.  =-/

> ... so would have to use the task manager to end the task ...
Not needed. I have a taskbar icon that on left-click brings up a menu 
which, among other options, has one to edit and another one to reload 
the *.conf file.

> You need to use a different set of ports for the gmx setup.
That did it.  =-)
I have changed the configuration and it's working perfectly.

I did not see the need to do this (maybe not read the manual often 
enough) but as the log file did not indicate any problems ...

LOG5[1796:1960]: Reading configuration from file stunnel.conf
LOG5[1796:1960]: FIPS mode is enabled
LOG5[1796:1960]: Configuration successful

... I guessed it was something more complex.

It would be nice if stunnel had the capability of showing (via the log 
file) an essential configuration mistake such as two POP3, SMTP or IMAP 
servers listening on the same ports.

Once again, thanks for your input.



I am able to download mail from gmx.net serves via POP3 using Pegasus 
Mail and stunnel with no problems whatsoever. Sending mail requires the 
use of the POP3 userID/PW. 

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