[stunnel-users] no certificate available safari browser

Janusz Dziemidowicz rraptorr at nails.eu.org
Wed Aug 28 15:27:09 CEST 2013

2013/8/28 Libindas <libindas at gmail.com>:
>   Thank you for responding. I have checked both the links, Digicert is
> saying that SSL Certificate is correctly installed and Quality SSL Labs has
> given a B grade for my site. I am attaching the config file as you have
> asked.

Grade does not reflect if your certificate is installed properly.
Check what result do you get in "Chain issues" row. If there is
anything there then you have your certificate installed incorrectly.
Most common problem is missing intermediate certificate.

Unfortunately, probably you won't get any more help if you do not
provide your site address.

Janusz Dziemidowicz

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