[stunnel-users] NETBIOS over stunnel

Ronald RiemVis ronald.riemvis at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 11:32:40 CEST 2011

Dear all,

Stunnel work with all kind of other connections on both side but can't get
working the NETBIOS negotiation with the net use command.
send like: net use q: \\\name password /user:username does not
when use net use q: \\\name /user:username I get the question
about password.At the end also will fail

Because an ISP blocked all traffic over port 139 and my friend want
to attach
my external LAN drive (my book live) I need to redirect ports including the
netbios protocol.

I want:

from a local loopback network adapter with IP address port 139 to
an external adddres port 1000

This is the configuration on the site where the my book live is connected:

client = yes
accept = (is my local address)
connect = (address of the my book live device)

On the other side is the coinfiguration:

client = yes
accept = (loopback addapter address)
connect = remote address:1000 (external address)

What can I do more to let it work?


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