[stunnel-users] Multiple Windows Services

Michal Trojnara Michal.Trojnara at mirt.net
Thu Nov 10 22:22:01 CET 2011

John W wrote:

> First, I was surprised to see that my specified service name (via  
> "service =" was ignored), until I eventually found the note in the  
> 4.42 changelog about "Removed support for changing Windows Service  
> name with "service"". This isn't the end of the world (I changed the  
> display name using sc) but it would be very helpful  -- and time  
> saving -- if the man page was updated to reflect this change.

You're right.  This is my fault indeed.

> A bigger issue I ran into is that because the service can't be  
> renamed, I can have only one stunnel service installed. The only  
> mention of this I found was a reply to a list question saying  
> "Running more than one stunnel service has been obsoleted." What was  
> the motivation behind this change?

The ultimate goal is to have a separate processes for Windows service  
and for GUI.  Only allowing for a single service simplifies the  
design.  Even simple functions such as shutdown on upgrade are quite  
complex with multiple services.

> Though I can specify multiple [service] sections in stunnel.conf, I  
> see no way to control them individually. It has been useful to have  
> separate stunnel (Windows) services installed, which can be stopped  
> and started independently.

The solution is to change the configuration file and reload it.

Please let me ask you a question similar to the one you asked me:   
What is the motivation behind your requirement to shutdown services  

Best regards,
	Michal Trojnara

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