[stunnel-users] Multiple Windows Services

John W l-stun at inter-sol.ca
Tue Nov 8 05:52:48 CET 2011

I upgraded from stunnel 4.34 to 4.46 (Windows) today, which took much 
more time than expected.

First, I was surprised to see that my specified service name (via 
"service =" was ignored), until I eventually found the note in the 4.42 
changelog about "Removed support for changing Windows Service name with 
"service"". This isn't the end of the world (I changed the display name 
using sc) but it would be very helpful  -- and time saving -- if the man 
page was updated to reflect this change.

A bigger issue I ran into is that because the service can't be renamed, 
I can have only one stunnel service installed. The only mention of this 
I found was a reply to a list question saying "Running more than one 
stunnel service has been obsoleted." What was the motivation behind this 
change? Though I can specify multiple [service] sections in 
stunnel.conf, I see no way to control them individually. It has been 
useful to have separate stunnel (Windows) services installed, which can 
be stopped and started independently.


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