[stunnel-users] Multiple Windows Services

John W l-stun at inter-sol.ca
Mon Nov 14 19:51:18 CET 2011

on 2011-11-10 1:22 PM Michal Trojnara said the following:
>> Though I can specify multiple [service] sections in stunnel.conf, I 
>> see no way to control them individually. It has been useful to have 
>> separate stunnel (Windows) services installed, which can be stopped 
>> and started independently.
> The solution is to change the configuration file and reload it.
> Please let me ask you a question similar to the one you asked me:  
> What is the motivation behind your requirement to shutdown services 
> individually?

For troubleshooting. I have one stunnel service to provide a few VNC 
tunnels, and a second service to collect POP3 email securely. My stunnel 
upgrade was prompted by some problems with the POP3S collection, and in 
troubleshooting this I wanted to restart this stunnel without affecting 
the VNC ones.

It just seems "natural" to me that there should be an easy way to 
control individual tunnels, and under Windows separate services provided 
it. In principle separate services also prevent problems in one stunnel 
instance from affecting others, though I don't know that I've ever 
actually run into this.

Thanks, John

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