[stunnel-users] Multi Tunnel Support in STunnel

Michal Trojnara michal.trojnara at mirt.net
Sun Jan 16 18:18:38 CET 2011

Narendra Prasad Madanapalli wrote:

> N servers each running a service of the same service-program (e.g:  
> ip1:2345, ip2:2345, ... ipN:2345)
> A management server running on a different server (ipM:6789) is  
> required to connect to all or a subset of the above servers through  
> stunnel based on the user request.

Don't shoot the messenger, but I have some bad news for you.  A TCP  
connection (and subsequently an SSL/TLS connection) has exactly two  
endpoints.  You cannot have a connection between a client and "all or  
a subset" of servers.

It looks like you need someone to design a protocol for your specific  
needs.  Such a strange protocol is extremely unlikely to get  
implemented in the official stunnel.

Fortunately stunnel is a free software, so you are free to add  
whatever features you need, or hire someone to do it for you.

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