[stunnel-users] Multi Tunnel Support in STunnel

Narendra Prasad Madanapalli narendramind at gmail.com
Sun Jan 16 17:18:16 CET 2011

I'm sorry, if my previous mail explained the problem differently.

Stunnel does load balancing when multiple connect statements are specified
in a section as in the below mail.

The scenario is something like
http://mirt.net/pipermail/stunnel-users/2006-May/001139.html and explained

N servers each running a service of the same service-program (e.g: ip1:2345,
ip2:2345, ... ipN:2345)
A management server running on a different server (ipM:6789) is required to
connect to all or a subset of the above servers through stunnel based on the
user request.

I couldn't find this feature supported by stunnel in the man page.

I would appreciate if you provide any information on this.


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> Narendra Prasad Madanapalli wrote:
> > connect = ip1:5678,ip2:5678,ip3:5678,...ipn:5678
> >
> > Anyone can please let me know the steps to configure the stunnel if
> > the support is already in place or provide your thoughts on the new
> > support?
> Use multiple "connect" options within a single section:
> connect = ip1:5678
> connect = ip2:5678
> connect = ip3:5678
> ...
> connect = ipn:5678
> Reading The Fine Manual would answer your question.  It's not that
> hard to read the manual for "connect" before proposing any extensions
> for this option.

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