[stunnel-users] webmail compose page get expire and logout

jayesh.shinde jayesh.shinde at netcore.co.in
Mon Aug 8 09:57:46 CEST 2011

Hi Ludolf ,

Sorry for my previous typing mistake ,
There is *no* firewall rules between any of my  3 servers

My problem is when I open webmail with https:// and compose any email 
and click on send button then page is getting expire and I am getting 
logout.  Kindly note that my other webmail pages with https:// are 
working properly.

Where as with http:// the compose email and send works properly without 
any problem.

That is if  I open the webmail vai stunnel  https config then only 
problem comes. So I am searching solution and config option with the same.

Let me know if any config info require from my end.
I am checking out with the option which you have suggested and will 
reply you shortly.

Jayesh Shinde

On 08/08/2011 01:02 PM, Ludolf Holzheid wrote:
> On Mon, 2011-08-08 12:30:03 +0530, jayesh.shinde wrote:
>> >
>> >  [..]
>> >
>> >  I checked by defining the TIMEOUTs but I am not able to figure out why
>> >  the page is getting expire and I am getting logout ?
>> >  There is firewall rule between any servers.
> I didn't fully understand your problem, but if your secured tunnel
> crosses a stateful firewall (e.g. a NAT router), you might try to
> switch on TCP keepalive:
> socket = l:SO_KEEPALIVE=1
> You might also play with the TCP_KEEP* socket options.
> HTH,
> Ludolf
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