[stunnel-users] Many services on the same port (VirtualHost)

Hugo hugo at gkz.fr.nf
Sat Oct 30 20:46:34 CEST 2010

Thanks for the answer, but it seems I haven't got access to IPTables (my
stunnel is on a remote shell service) and I think using a webserver is
not a good solution for that case.

So does anyone knows a program able to bind on a single port, and
redirect requests on another depending on the domain name?

Thanks you in anticipation

On 30/10/2010 17:02, Pierre DELAAGE wrote:
> Hello,
> The answer is simply NO in stunnel,
> but yes in Apache.
> If you are joining one "http server", hosting many virtual hosts,
> it should be "trivial".
> I recommend using IP based hosting.
> I guess you want to act as a transparent gateway/proxy to https servers :
> there is another way to proceed if you have a linux PC on your network
> that can act as a routing/gateway:
> with iptables you can do redirection to stunnel and get what you want.
> Sorry but it is a little bit complicated to develop more now.
> Hope this helps,
> Pierre Delaage
> Le 30/10/2010 17:12, Hugo a écrit :
>> Hello all!
>> Does anyone knows a way to make many services listening on the same port?
>> I've got one stunnel4 server which allows me to crypt two http servers.
>> The first service bind on port 465 and the second on 470.
>> What I will is to let user access on the port 465 using 2 different
>> ServerNames.
>> Thank you in anticipation, and excuse me for my quite bad english =D
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