[stunnel-users] help - SSL bandwidth overhead with using different ciphers

Slim Ben Mahmoud slim.ben.mahmoud at recherche.enac.fr
Wed Jul 28 17:46:57 CEST 2010

Dear SSL experts,

In order to assess the performances of an adaptive security algorithm 
using SSL, I need to measure the network overhead induced by the 
establishment of SSL tunnels.

The experiment aims to measure the bandwidth consumptions (or 
throughputs) when SSL tunnels are established using the different 
ciphers implemented in Stunnel (AES256-SHA or RC4-SHA for instance). Do 
you think that I have to expect a different throughput when I use 
different ciphers for every tunnels or the overhead is the pretty much 
the same? In fact, the first results show no difference between the 
throughputs no matter the cipher I use.

I know that SSL overhead is traditionally measured in delay or latency 
because of the handshake phase (the encryption process time is 
negligible on the new CPUs) but this is not what i want to show.

I hope that my request is enough clear, let me know if it is not the case.

Best regards.

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