[stunnel-users] telnetd and tcp_wrappers

Michal Trojnara michal.trojnara at mirt.net
Thu Jul 1 18:18:14 CEST 2010

Hi Tom,

Just replace:
    connect = 23
    exec = /usr/sbin/telnetd
(or wherever your telnetd is located)
Make sure to disable any setuid/setgid/chroot.

This is exactly why I intoduced "exec" option.


"Spence, Thomas Civ 844 CS/SCOX" <Thomas.Spence at pentagon.af.mil> napisaƂ:

>Hi all..
>They requested us to turn off the telnetd from inetd.conf and not allowing to use tcp_wrappers...
>We are still using stunnel 4.33...  We can't connect our server from PC with PowerTerm WebConnect because telnetd is off.
>Is there any way for all users to connect the server by using PowerTerm WebConnect?
>accept = 992
>connect = 23 (can't use telnet port)
>I know I can't use "connect = 22" because it doesn't work.  Any idea?
>I really need your help...
>Tom Spence
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