[stunnel-users] telnetd and tcp_wrappers

Spence, Thomas Civ 844 CS/SCOX Thomas.Spence at pentagon.af.mil
Thu Jul 1 17:53:09 CEST 2010

Hi all..

They requested us to turn off the telnetd from inetd.conf and not allowing to use tcp_wrappers...

We are still using stunnel 4.33...  We can't connect our server from PC with PowerTerm WebConnect because telnetd is off.

Is there any way for all users to connect the server by using PowerTerm WebConnect?

accept = 992
connect = 23 (can't use telnet port)

I know I can't use "connect = 22" because it doesn't work.  Any idea?

I really need your help...

Tom Spence

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