[stunnel-users] Tunneling udp over stunnel

D-503 d-503 at awxcnx.de
Tue Nov 3 12:56:59 CET 2009

I'm trying to setup some kind of DNS-encryption with the usage of
stunnel: https://www.privacyfoundation.de/wiki/HTTPS-DNS/TLS-DNS .

This setup is working but pretty pretty slow. One DNS-request takes
really long, about 5-6 seconds! I'm wondering why this happens.

On the server is running stunnel 4.22 and on the client stunnel 4.25.
The config is as described in the link above.

What happens in the logs when I do one dns-request, you can see in the
attachments of this mail.

Something interesting is, if I do a:

	dig @localhost google.com

it takes 5-6 seconds to finish. But if I execute it, abort it directly
and execute it again, I get immediatly an answer! This works

Have you any idea? Could the error be with
open/closed connections or some timeouts in stunnel?

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