[stunnel-users] Feature request: set environment variable for inetd-type program

Lund, Claus Claus.Lund at state.vt.us
Fri Jan 23 20:30:12 CET 2009

I'm not a developer on stunnel so my opinion doesn't carry much weight  :-)
But, to me, this seems a bit outside the scope of what's stunnel's main goal in life. Why not just have that authentication handled between the client and server programs using the tunnel stunnel provides? Or maybe I just don't quite get what you're trying to accomplish (a totally plausible option!).


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I am not a programmer, I am a writer and user, so I have to ask kindly for a 
additional stunnel feature
I need the ability to push some information from the stunnel client side to 
the server side. To be more concrete: a self written script that is called by 
stunnels 'exec' statement need some settings, e.g. username and password. My 
idea is to configure this in the client side stunnel.conf and pass this as a 
environment variable to this script.
There is no chance to pack these stings in a client certificate, because 
everybody who is able to handle snoop/tcpdump will be able to read this.

I imagine a configuration like this:

client stunnel.conf
accept =
connect =
env = "SUSER=renner"
env = "SPASS=geheim"

server stunnel.conf
accept =
exec = /opt/foo/script.sh
env = yes

My question to the developers: do you think this is a helpful feature, also 
for others?

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