[stunnel-users] Tunnel iPhone - Server

LoLoVioLo loloviolo at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 14 21:05:57 CET 2009

Hi all,

It is my first post. Sorry if common question but didn't find answer  
in archives or google.

The fact is that I am using an iPhone with a data plan that only allow  
ports 80 and 443 (http and https). My aim is to be able to use all  
ports (mail, ftp, msn, etc).
The idea is to tunnel all TCP connections between my computer here and  
my server at home.

iPhone <----port-443----> Linux Server <----all-ports----> Internet

I know there is alternatives for each service (webmail, webmessenger,  
etc.) but I think that it is technically possible to have something  
running that allow using of usual software.
I also know that this usage is typically VPN but there is no VPN  
client for iPhone that allow custom ports and not sure my data plan  
can route GRE protocol.
By the way STunnel was ported to the iPhone. There is some hope.

I am not sure Stunnel is the best way to do that and not even sure  
that Stunnel can do it but hope you can advice.

Thanks for your help.


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