[stunnel-users] BBwin hanging windows

Gregory Wege gwege at infomanage.net
Wed Dec 16 17:43:22 CET 2009

Hey Guys,


We have the following problem:


Bbwin is sending traffic to 2 monitoring servers and is encrypted via
stunnel. If one of the monitoring servers goes down, the number of ports
being used by bbwin client increases to the point where the box is
unusable - no more ports available on the windows box being monitored.
If we kill the bbwin process, the problem goes away temporarily - after
a short period of time, the problem returns. The problem continues even
after the failed hobbit server recovers, and only clears up when we kill
the bbwin process.



* Windows version Server 2003
* bbwin versions 0.11, 0.12
* stunnel version 4.25
* hobbit server version 4.2.2


Output of the stunnel log shows the following error:


2009.12.16 06:56:19 LOG7[2336:2460]: New thread created

2009.12.16 06:56:19 LOG7[2336:4016]: hobbit_ssl started

2009.12.16 06:56:19 LOG7[2336:4016]: FD 356 in non-blocking mode

2009.12.16 06:56:19 LOG7[2336:4016]: TCP_NODELAY option set on local

2009.12.16 06:56:19 LOG5[2336:4016]: hobbit_ssl accepted connection from

2009.12.16 06:56:19 LOG7[2336:4016]: FD 396 in non-blocking mode

2009.12.16 06:56:19 LOG6[2336:4016]: connect_blocking: connecting

2009.12.16 06:56:19 LOG3[2336:4016]: connect_blocking: connect No buffer space available (WSAENOBUFS) (10055)

2009.12.16 06:56:19 LOG5[2336:4016]: Connection reset: 0 bytes sent to
SSL, 0 bytes sent to socket

2009.12.16 06:56:19 LOG7[2336:4016]: hobbit_ssl finished (0 left)


Can something be added to my stunnel.conf to prevent this from
happening? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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