[stunnel-users] HTTPS being redirected back to HTTP

Peter Pentchev roam at ringlet.net
Tue Mar 25 14:59:42 CET 2008

On Tue, Mar 25, 2008 at 09:17:09AM -0400, Steven Buehler wrote:
> I have tested several versions of stunnel up to version 4.21 on SLES 9 and 
> 10.  I am trying to use stunnel to implement TLS 1.0 for HTTPS on a Lotus 
> Domino server.  I am able to connect to the Domino server with a web 
> browser with HTTPS successfully.  However, once I log into the server it 
> drops me back down to HTTP.  I suspect the Domino server is sending a 
> redirect back to HTTP during the login because if I change the URL back to 
> HTTPS in the browser after the login, it re-establishes the HTTPS 
> connection.   I've checked with Lotus support and there is nothing that 
> can be done on the Domino server to prevent this.  Is there anyway to 
> handle this in stunnel so that the requests remain as HTTPS requests to 
> the browser? 

If you're asking whether stunnel can act as a content-rewriting proxy,
and modify the content of the pages that pass through it, changing all
"http://" references to "https://", keeping track of the Content-Length
headers and all that stuff, and also looking carefully for any dynamically
generated JavaScript strings that may be used as link targets...

...then, no, stunnel does not do that :)


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