[stunnel-users] plz help me in debugging the code

piyush tewari pkt_ims at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 4 12:18:12 CEST 2007

   Hello Friends,
  I am facing problems in debugging the source code of stunnel.
  the behaviour of the code is very unexpected for me.
  the return statement is not returning from the function. (Line 145 of gui.c file).
  Sameway when i  debug line no 1266 of the options.c , that is "name=default_config_file;" , 
the df pointer gets it's value that means it is executing another line , line no 1305 of options.c itself "df=file_open(name, 0);".
  I am not getting this working of the stunnel code.
  And the other problem that i m facing is that during the debugging 
, many variables are not showing their occupied value.
  So please help me in understanding this working and resolving it.
  Thank you..
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