[stunnel-users] Connecting via rtmps to Red5 server

RUTSCHLE Yves yves.rutschle at c-s.fr
Wed Apr 25 16:51:09 CEST 2007

David Schulberg wrote:
 > Red5 doesn’t directly support ssl connectivity but using rtmps 
protocol (rtmp
 > tunnelled via https) clients should be able to connect to Red5 if stunnel
 > handles the encrypted traffic on port 443 and passes unencrypted
 > communications back and forth to the Red5 on a port it expects to receive
 > rtmp communication..
 > (refer 

So you have stunnel running on the server-side, awaiting SSL connections 
from the Flash application, right?

 > client = yes

in which case, you need to be running stunnel in server mode, i.e. 
without this line.


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