[stunnel-users] Connecting via rtmps to Red5 server

David Schulberg davids at evertech.com.au
Wed Apr 25 12:22:37 CEST 2007



I have been led to stunnel as the way to get a Flash application to
communicate securely with Red5 server.

Red5 doesn't directly support ssl connectivity but using rtmps protocol
(rtmp tunnelled via https) clients should be able to connect to Red5 if

handles the encrypted traffic on port 443 and passes unencrypted
communications back and forth to the Red5 on a port it expects to receive
rtmp communication..

(refer http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flashcom/articles/firewalls_proxy04.html)


The log file I get when I attempt to talk rtmps is shown below


2007.04.25 18:19:04 LOG7[3932:3384]: New thread created

2007.04.25 18:19:04 LOG7[3932:3664]: https started

2007.04.25 18:19:04 LOG7[3932:3664]: FD 224 in non-blocking mode

2007.04.25 18:19:04 LOG7[3932:3664]: TCP_NODELAY option set on local socket

2007.04.25 18:19:04 LOG5[3932:3664]: https accepted connection from

2007.04.25 18:19:04 LOG7[3932:3664]: FD 248 in non-blocking mode

2007.04.25 18:19:04 LOG7[3932:3664]: https connecting

2007.04.25 18:19:04 LOG7[3932:3664]: connect_wait: waiting 10 seconds

2007.04.25 18:19:04 LOG7[3932:3664]: connect_wait: connected

2007.04.25 18:19:04 LOG5[3932:3664]: https connected remote server from

2007.04.25 18:19:04 LOG7[3932:3664]: Remote FD=248 initialized

2007.04.25 18:19:04 LOG7[3932:3664]: TCP_NODELAY option set on remote socket

2007.04.25 18:19:04 LOG7[3932:3664]: SSL state (connect): before/connect

2007.04.25 18:19:04 LOG7[3932:3664]: SSL state (connect): SSLv3 write client
hello A

2007.04.25 18:24:04 LOG6[3932:3664]: init_ssl: s_poll_wait timeout

2007.04.25 18:24:04 LOG5[3932:3664]: Connection reset: 0 bytes sent to SSL,
0 bytes sent to socket

2007.04.25 18:24:04 LOG7[3932:3664]: https finished (0 left)


The stunnel.conf file has the following settings that pertain specifically
to this situation


client = yes



accept  = 443

connect = 1935


What I seem to see (according to the logfile) is that an ssl connection is
successfully established but no subsequent communication takes place after
the connection has been made. 


At this point my Flash application doesn't send any messages via the ssl
connection which seems to implicate my client as being the source of my


I would appreciate any advice on how I can best investigate this whole
situation to resolve the issue.





David Schulberg

email: davids at evertech.com.au


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