[stunnel-users] 4.17 stunnel with syslog-ng

Jason Englander jason at englanders.cc
Fri Sep 15 17:49:42 CEST 2006

I have a logging server at home set up with syslog-ng and stunnel.

Earlier this morning, I upgraded stunnel on a logging client machine from 
4.15 to 4.17, no problems.  I upgraded the server from 4.15 to 4.17 and 
stunnel seemed to hang (run, but not detach) on startup.

Very long story short (it was too early, I hadn't had enough coffee yet 
<g>), stunnel was trying to log to syslog, which wasn't running yet.

Putting aside that I should've been using "output = /var/log/stunnel.log" 
instead, for a log server of all things :-), did something change in 
stunnel or did I screw something up that I don't remember doing?  My 
startup script has been starting stunnel, then syslog-ng for years.  I 
haven't downgraded to verify that it does/doesn't happen starting with a 
particular version, but I might do that later today out of curiosity. 
(before fixing, upgrading "important" machines)

Also, FYI - configure created a file named "6," in the source directory 
with this in it:

no LIBS=-lz -ldl -lutil  -lpthread -L/usr/local/ssl/lib -lssl -lcrypto

This seems to be the offending line in configure:

echo "${ECHO_T}no" >&6, LIBS="$saved_LIBS"
echo "${ECHO_T}no" >&6; LIBS="$saved_LIBS"

I ran 'autoreconf -f -i' (autoconf 2.60, automake 1.9.6) and the line 
isn't in the new ./configure any more.


Jason Englander <jason at englanders.cc>
394F 7E02 C105 7268 777A  3F5A 0AC0 C618 0675 80CA

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