[stunnel-users] Problem in Stunnel with too many connections

Dan Milne d at nmilne.com
Sun Nov 26 09:51:18 CET 2006

Hi there,
    What's the maximum number of open file descriptors for your OS?  
Limits of 1024 is normal  - you might be hitting that.

    Running ulimit -n should allow you to check and set that value.


On 26/11/2006, at 14:51 , ~ Kunal Sharma ~ wrote:

> Hi Friends,
> I've just joined this group. I would take this as an oppurtunity to  
> discuss a problem I've
> been facing in using Stunnel.
> I've been using Stunnel for quite some time now. It has worked very  
> well all this while.
> Recently, I had to shift our webserver onto the Internet and  
> Stunnel accepts the https
> connections on the server's behalf.
> The problem is there are about 4.5 million clients out there in the  
> field and there's a client
> coming up to the server atleast every second, if not less. Stunnel  
> accepts the connections
> and after a while (like an hour) it just dies ! I see that at a  
> point there are about 950 active
> connections and thats the maximum I could see before it dies.
> Could someone help me diagnose the problem (or better to fix it)
> - Is there any performance related issue thats a known problem and  
> I don't know of ?
> - What I can look at to see what could be the possible cause ?
> - I haven't had a chance to look at the logs yet. Probably they  
> might tell me something.
> - Any other pointers / inputs / suggestions would be heartily welcome.
> I've not been to my office so I won't be able to attach the  
> necessary information like
> the version of stunnel, the logs, configuration options etc. But  
> promise to send them as
> soon as I'm back on Monday after Thanksgiving.
> Thanks and Regards,
> Kunal
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