[stunnel-users] Problem in Stunnel with too many connections

~ Kunal Sharma ~ koolkunal at gmail.com
Sun Nov 26 04:51:51 CET 2006

 Hi Friends,

I've just joined this group. I would take this as an oppurtunity to discuss
a problem I've
been facing in using Stunnel.

I've been using Stunnel for quite some time now. It has worked very well all
this while.
Recently, I had to shift our webserver onto the Internet and Stunnel accepts
the https
connections on the server's behalf.

The problem is there are about 4.5 million clients out there in the field
and there's a client
coming up to the server atleast every second, if not less. Stunnel accepts
the connections
and after a while (like an hour) it just dies ! I see that at a point there
are about 950 active
connections and thats the maximum I could see before it dies.

Could someone help me diagnose the problem (or better to fix it)
- Is there any performance related issue thats a known problem and I don't
know of ?
- What I can look at to see what could be the possible cause ?
- I haven't had a chance to look at the logs yet. Probably they might tell
me something.
- Any other pointers / inputs / suggestions would be heartily welcome.

I've not been to my office so I won't be able to attach the necessary
information like
the version of stunnel, the logs, configuration options etc. But promise to
send them as
soon as I'm back on Monday after Thanksgiving.

Thanks and Regards,
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