[stunnel-users] Re: Re: Adding header to SMTP msgs

Eric B. ebenze at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 27 02:51:08 CET 2006

>> Would it be very difficult to update stunnel and make it a
>> configurable option to insert the originating IP as a header in the mail?
>> ex: something like X-st-originating-IP:  or something like that.
>Since adding a header to each email address within a connection requires
>building SMTP parser - I could say it's very difficult. Probably a wealthy
>sponsor could make me change my mind, but otherwise such change obviously
>breaks the KISS principle that stunnel is based on.

Fair enough.  I didn't think about the need of including the SMTP parser, 

>What about installing an SMTP router in front with RBL support, than your
>anti-spam proxy, than another instance of SMTP server for local delivery?
>For sure it's easier than adding another feature to stunnel.
>I use a similar configuration for antivirus scanner based on Postfix.

Agreed - probably easier than adding this feature to stunnel.  I'll have to 
research other options instead.

Thanks for the input/advice!


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