[stunnel-users] Re: converting old syntax to 4.x syntax

christof mestdag fenix4life at gmail.com
Fri Mar 17 15:49:17 CET 2006

thx for the answer and sorry for the wrong reply. ( i'm so used to push
reply :D )
i've put an stunnel.conf file in /etc/stunnel directory

[active directory]
like you said
 ( win2003server ip is )

I did an ps -ef | grep stunnel which gave me this output
root 1218 1 0 15:54 ? 00:00:00 /usr/sbin/stunnel stunnel.conf

SO i think it is normally running. ( also logged off and checked it without
any problem )
But the question is now how can i be sure the communication goes true that
I checked with firewall of server. Whem i close all ports except 636 the
linux clients fails working when i add 389 with it it works :s. So it is
still throwing all trafic towards 389 ?

( what i want is all trafic which the client wants to send at 389 of server
goes true 636 which is ssl port with a less as possible problems with

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